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Part of plant




Here you can find the products from Elva Botanics. Handcrafted, unique and made with love! Every spray is dedicated to a special plant. Get connected with the plant's spirit and strength.

Only from local plants growing on special locations and pure, raw materials.


  • Plantsprays

    Collection of essential plant perfumes, handmade from wild plant essences.

    For ritual use, as aura- or roomspray for meditation etc. or simply as a natural perfume.

    Made in a ritual, honouring and praising the 4 elements and directions as well as the plant kingdom and the ancestors.

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  • Bodycare

    Due to industry-friendly legislation, we can not sell our bodycare products at the moment. We're working on a solution and apologize for the situation. If you have any questions, you can contact us here.

    Exquisite bodyoils based on maceration of wild plants.

    For daily use as well as use as massage oil.

    Made solely from wild plants, high quality, natural plant oils and pure essential oils.

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