Essence of Alchemilla
  • Essence of Alchemilla
  • Essence of Alchemilla

Essence of Alchemilla

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Essence of Lady's Mantle

Clear and subtle scent of freshly gathered lady's mantle flowers and leaves. ....and with magical dewdrops.


Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris)

Alchemilla is a plant for women. It has the capacity to restore hormonal balance in the female body. This herb is strong and blessed by the cristalline clear waters that gather as shimmering dewdrops in its leaves.

As a plant of nymphs and faeries its ability is also to be a muse for your artistic endeavours. Be it art, music or dance.

Special qualities of the spray:

The spray carries the qualities of feminity, beauty, harmony and inspiration.

Made with Love and Prayer

I collect lady's mantle with love and respect for the plant spirits.


Pure alcohol, springwater, lady's mantle & pure essential oils.

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