Hello, happy to see that you found your way to our little page.

We have founded Elva Botanics with the aim, to bring us humans closer in touch we the diversity of the european (wild-)plant-world. Therefore we have conciously chosen plants by their specific characteristics and features to make high-grade essences, tinctures and oils, that can support us in our every day life. Inspiration comes from classical herbal medicine, as well as ideas from shamanic healing work from different traditions.

Our wildplant-sprays are inspired by south-american agua florida and the wish to create something as vigorous from native plants.

Most of the plants we use are from wild collection. We collect at places that have a special atmosphere and are of high purity. Furthermore it's utterly important for us that the plants grow lush and in numbers that we can collect with a clear conscience.

Occasionally we use plants originating from other parts of this lovely planet in some of the recipes. In these cases they are specified in the description.

We, Alma and Tino, the founders of Elva Botanics, spend frequently time in nature and have been studying the local (i.e. central and northern european) plants for many years. All our plantproducts are based on recipes which Alma has developed and finetuned in close contact to the involved plants and lots of experimentation.

Alma grew up, thanks to her parents, in an all-embracing experience of the plants around her. They have always been part of her everyday life and her connection to them is rather intuitive than rational. She keeps a deep trust in the healing abilities and the power of nature. As an artist and anthropologist she spends a lot of time studying all the different aspects of the plant kingdom.

My own connection to plants started a little differently. Growing up in between two big citys, I noticed early on that something essential was missing. As soon as I could I left and lived for two years in Scandinavia. For the first time in life I encountered wilderness and unspoiled nature which shaped me permanently. My desire to connect deeply with plants has been part of my journey ever since.

Our common goal with Elva Botanics is to make the power of the wild plants perceptible and by this experience do good to body and soul.

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