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The plant-essences:

My intention for the essences ist to bring the support of the healing plants, the beauty of the plants of the elves, the power of the trees of this land in an acessable form.

I am inspired by the tradition of the agua florida of south america, by Edward Bach and his flower remedys from england, by the traditonal herbalists of the european tradition as well as from mythology and fairytale.

My work is in the first place formed by my own connection to nature.

In the center of everything dwells the love given by nature itself.  The essences can be supportive with diffrent individual issues. 

To choose one essence for yourself  You could  just choose your own favorite plant or follow the qualities in the desciption. Or you can simply skip through the gallery and see wich plant attracts you visually.


You can use the essences as a spray for your aura. It surrounds you with good vibes for the day and uplifts the spirit.

In a room you can use the spray to influence the atmosphere. It is possible to invite certain sentiments to make musik, paint, dance or meditate.

It is as well good to carry the essence simply as your personal favorite scent :-)