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Essence Of Sage

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Sage smudge spray comes with a herbaecous dry scent with the great aroma of sage. It is possible to use it in substitution of a sage smudging.

Sage clears, cleanses and protects.

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Sage (Salvia Officinales)

Sage is a perennial shrub. It contains essential oils of aromatic value and multiple health benefits.

Sage is well known for its purifying abilities when used for smudging.

The sage spray can be used in the same manner.

Further I recommend this refreshing and clear scent to uplift the energy in any room filled with dense energy.

Special qualities of the spray:

The spray clears the surroundings and brings clarity and protection. Perfect for any kind of ritual, may it be big or small.

Made with love and prayer

I collect the sage with love and respect for the plant spirits.


Pure alcohol, springwater, sage & pure essential oils.

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