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Nettle spray
  • Nettle spray
  • Nettle spray

Essence of Nettle

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Green and refreshing scent of stingy nettle. Activates and energizes. Gives courage to take action.

It supports in showing your borders :-)


Stingy Nettle (Urtica Dioica)

The nettle is a very special plant. She is a vigorous green herb which somhow attained to contain formic acid, which is usually known from the animal kingdom. That is quite remarkable. Her sudden sting, when not attentive, brings you right back into the here and now.

The formic acid sting is activating and even beneficial for the blood circulation. As you can try for yourself :-)

Special qualities of the spray:

This spray stands for puissance, presence and courage. It helps to set your borders and stay in the present moment.

Made with Love and Prayer

I collect the nettle with love and respect for the plant spirits.


Pure alcohol, springwater, nettle & pure essential oils.

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